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Another trip, another couple audio books. I am happy to report that my mp3 player is stick kicking and I am still screaming – sometimes anyway. There are several annoying things that still plague this player. The most annoying If you manually power off, more often then not the player will turn back on demented. [...]

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Another wayback post

Almost 2 years ago during a layover on the way to Spain, I discovered Sudoku in one of the Heathrow bookstores.  I used to do all kinds of math puzzles when I was younger (thanks, dad) so the concept was immediately familiar and very addictive.  I bought one of every edition of the Sudoku series [...]

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So far so good! I got through a couple more audio books on the trip and went through two batteries and the player hasn’t frozen!! In addition to it not freezing, Sandisk has made some feature improvements to the player, most notably the fast forwarding – it is now exponential, a change that made me [...]

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