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All done!

About a month ago, I graduated from UBC Law … finally! Other than President Toope’s abysmal speech, it was a fun night and I was very happy that most of my family, as well as Ian’s, were able to attend. You might wonder why I graduated in November – I didn’t fail anything, I swear! [...]

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The other side…

I had a couple of opportunities to attend witness cross-examinations last summer, and it looks like I will soon be subjected to one myself!  Mine is only scheduled to last about 45 minutes, much shorter than the ones I attended, one of which carried over into a second day and left counsel and witness exhausted. [...]

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This law business…

This is my round-about way of commenting on this recent announcement … stick with me here: For those enrolled in UBC Law, the random assignment to a small group in first year usually becomes one of the greatest determining points of the overall Law school experience. Not only do the other 20 or so people [...]

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