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Soup Swap 2008

I stumbled on the National Soup Swap Day blog a few weeks ago and was immediately intrigued. We’ve had some cold, cold weather in Vancouver lately and no one likes never-ending leftovers, so hosting a Soup Swap seemed like a great idea. The Soup Swap people have decreed Wednesday January 23rd as THE day, but [...]

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Edible BC with Vikram Vij

A couple of weeks ago we had an amazing dinner cooked by Vikram Vij. It wasn’t at Rangoli (where we’ve been several times) or Vij’s (we’ve only been there once, yummy!), or at Vikram’s house for that matter – it was held at Edible BC at Granville Island, after hours. We had bought tickets in [...]

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Miso gravy

The things these people come up with while you’re out of the country! I was very happy to find a bottle of the Naam’s miso gravy at Top Ten Produce a couple of days ago. I made some yummy yam fries and heated up some of this gravy …. deeeelicious! Technorati Tags: Naam, miso, gravy, [...]

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