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A Meatless Diet

Last week, I finished reading Jonathan Safran Foer’s book Eating Animals. I had read Fast Food Nation and In Defense of Food when those books first came out, and watched Food Inc.  Those had already resulted in some changes to my diet (less processed food, almost no beef, organic produce, organic dairy and organic meat whenever possible, more [...]

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The best part about writing the bar exam this week:  going out for lunch afterwards. Tuesday:  Go Fish, for a scallop sandwich with the most amazing onion rings, and cod tacos Friday:  hopefully Trattoria!  But we shall see.

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101 Things to Taste in Vancouver

Here’s the Vancouver Magazine 101 Things to Taste before You Die – we have a long way to go! The list is marked as follows:Bold – Things I have tried from those particular suppliersStruck-out – Foods I’ve had, though not from the supplier they recommendItalicized – Foods that have been on my radar for a [...]

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