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At the Nanaimo ferry terminal this afternoon, we walked Buffy in the enclosed dog area. The area is basically a triangular raised grass bed surrounded by 6′ tall wire fencing. It felt like being an animal at the zoo, especially when a 3-year old kid pointed through the fence at Buffy, saying “No, mommy, that [...]

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Happy 2008! You could just read the last year of posts on this blog, but I thought I’d summarize some of the highlights we’ve already blogged, with a few we haven’t, sprinkled in. January We continued to live in Edinburgh, where we’d been living for almost 4 months at that point. January was cold and [...]

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… her name is Buffy. This is what happened when we let her sleep on the couch in the living room – she tore apart my November issue of the Atlantic, and most of the game pieces in 2-player Settlers! Bad puppy. She’s lucky she’s so cute.

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