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We heard a bit from Jeff (who lives 1 block away) about the difficulties with the RAV line construction on Cambie Street. I guess it makes sense that businesses, not only local residents, would also be affected – the Tomato Fresh Food Cafe (where Ian and I went on our first dinner date) is closing [...]

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I am a little behind on posting, as Oana always seems to beat me to it. So I’ll start by expanding a bit on her post about the open parks and gardens day on May 5. It was a little while ago but as a free event it deserves all the free advertising I can [...]

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A quick hop to Sardinia

The only things I knew about Sardinia before visiting were: that it had something to do with the expression “sardonic grin”, that it was an Italian island somewhere between Corsica and Sicily in the Mediterranean (and was therefore bound to have beaches), and that flights from Barcelona to Alghero were ridiculously cheap. So when we [...]

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