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Where better to enjoy a sunny day than the Royal Botanic Garden? We wandered over for a visit yesterday afternoon. Admission is free, but they’re sneaky and they plant an ice cream truck right by the entrance! Once you’re in, the colour explosion is pretty intense: Apparently the Botanics was founded in 1670 but has [...]

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Marble Madness on Paros

Paros is the main ferry hub in the Cyclades and I chose it as my final island hopping stop, since it has a daily, overnight boat that would return me to Athens. The island itself is one of the largest of the Cyclades island group and in order to better explore it and see the [...]

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We took a little walk around the neighbourhood yesterday, to enjoy the sunshine and stretch our legs a bit. We met this oddly shaped hedge which we could only guess is meant to represent a caterpillar? People here seem to go a bit nutty with the landscaping … it’s nice now that spring is definitely [...]

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