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At about 2.5 times the area of Vancouver Island, Scotland isn’t all that big.  The UK as a whole is about 9 times the size of Vancouver Island. While in Edinburgh I have noticed several things that appear strange to me. Anything that can be named is named, including staircases which get names like “granny’s [...]

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I expect blog posts will be a little sparse for the next two weeks, as we are off to Portugal to enjoy some warm weather, sunshine, vinho verde and seafood!  This will be one of our cheapest trips thus far – the flight to Faro cost us £60 return (total! for both of us!) and [...]

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Mmm wine

One of our more snobby activities here is the wine tasting club. The club meets every 2 weeks or so for a guided tasting, with occasional sponsored (i.e. free) tastings and sometimes even blind tastings. Some of the club members are very competitive and they probably study at home a lot more than we do [...]

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