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It’s rigged!

I entered a draw to win tickets to some New Year’s events.  10 pairs of tickets were given away daily during December.  My entry was acknowledged, but when I checked the website for the day’s winners, they had only given away 8 pairs of tickets that day, and I wasn’t one of the 8 winners!  [...]

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I think the last time I used a traveler’s cheque I was stuck in Costa Rica with no cash. I had traveler’s cheques, credit cards and my bank card. Unfortunately my bank card didn’t work at the atm, I didn’t have a pin for my credit card, the bank was closed, I owed the hotel [...]

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There’s no* crazy shopping in Edinburgh on Boxing Day like there is in Vancouver … I think maybe they leave that for the January sales? We took a nice long walk today and watched Deja Vu at Ocean Terminal – not a bad movie. As Ian says, anything with his hero Denzel is good. I’m [...]

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