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Archive for August, 2006

Crime and vacations

We had dinner at Enigma tonight and had a chat with the very friendly owner about our upcoming trip to her home country, South Africa. Turns out the reason for their move to Vancouver was her husband getting shot in their restaurant in Durban. They had enough of the crime and as she put it, [...]

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Good thing I called BT to order phone service today! The earliest installation appointment available is September 14th, the day after I arrive in Edinburgh. Broadband installation will take another 48 hours after that, but hopefully I will have Internet access fairly soon. I also booked a delivery slot for Tesco grocery delivery for the [...]

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Upcoming trips!

Plans so far: – Romania Sep 24 – Oct 1 (Oana) – Poland sometime in Oct (Oana + Ian) – South Africa Nov 30 – Dec 20 (Oana + Ian)

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