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Through a series of events that is outside of our control, Ian won’t be arriving in Edinburgh until 3 weeks or so after me. I’m not too pleased with this at all – I’m dreading having to navigate a new city and set up house (and utility bills, bank accounts, doctors, etc.) for us all [...]

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Ian’s parents’ support (moral and financial) of our year abroad has left me almost speechless. We’re very lucky, and we hope to be able to repay a tiny bit of that amazing support through free accommodation in Edinburgh (we’ll have an extra bedroom!) and some first-class meals. Thank you, Annice and Kim – hope you [...]

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Finding a GP

Having free and quick* access to health care is something we seem to take for granted, living in Canada.  So I’ve been somewhat worried** about what kind of health insurance coverage we’ll have for the next year in Edinburgh.  The cheapest way seems to be for me to opt back in to the AMS/GSS Health [...]

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